Green Me

Green Me Global Festival


10. Green Me Global Festival in Berlin

Von Freitag den 27.01. bis Sonntag den 29.01.2017

Green Me | Gala 2016

About us

Green Me Global Festival

Green Me GmbH is a Berlin-based company and the organizer of an annual environmental film festival called the Green Me Global Festival for Sustainability.

This festival was initiated in 2008 and, over the years, has transformed from a lounge into a full-scale film festival with four major components, which are: Film – the festival offers a platform for green films, green publicity and green economy.

Movies with environment-related topics from all over the world are evaluated and screened; Congress – where professional minds engage in panel discussions on diverse environmental topics; Marketplace – where companies and NGOs represent themselves and exhibit their products and services, and Film Workshop – where film schools are challenged in a think-tank style instant short-film competition.

At the "Gala Night", the winning films are chosen. This awards ceremony finalizes the event each year, during which the winners from various categories receive their awards. The festival started with a strong focus on film, but the congress and marketplace components have grown greatly, parallel to the festival’s success.

Nature of the festival

The Green Me Film Festival is a unique blend of film screenings and environmental protection and preservation activities. This distinct coalescence makes the festival stand out from the vast array of film events in existence around the globe. In addition, the festival is a nonprofit project, made possible by the festival director’s entrepreneurship and growing support from sponsors. It is these qualities that have attracted great interest from both high and low milieus, including awards commissions like the Earth Day Award USA in 2013.

Our goal

Amidst global warming and the devastating destruction of the environment by humankind through pollution and land degradation, it is our objective to contribute our share to restoring and protecting the environment. We do this using film as a tool for communication— by promoting movies that champion this course. We hold panels, forums and workshops with presentations and discussions on diverse environmental topics, such as the course of pollution and pollution prevention mechanisms.

Through these channels, we create awareness and encourage individual contribution to environmental protection and preservation. The festival team has constantly been on a quest to improve the festival’s standards and has channeled massive energy into the expansion of the festival into a world-renowned film festival.

It is our ultimate goal to host the Green Me Festival on every continent of the world. By doing so, we take our message to the people, rather than waiting for the people to come to us. We are taking action. We are leaving no stone unturned in the realization of this goal.

Founding of the company

The Green Me Filmfestival was founded in 2007 by Nicolai Niemann and Donald Houwer. Nicolai Niemann is the president and managing director, since Donald Houwer left the festival in 2012.