Green Me

Green Me Global Festival

Festival in Cannes

9. Green Me Global Festival in Cannes

19.–25. June 2016

9. Green Me Global Festival in Cannes

19.–25. June 2016

Events at the Green Me Villa Think Tank

There will be a constant flow of activities at the Green Me Villa Think Tank, from the 20th to the 24th of June. Start your day with a breakfast at the villa; join in the lunch after the film screening and panel discussions; do not miss out in the evening grills by the poolside while watching the Europian championship.

Guided Bike Tours with the BMW C evolutionTake part in the guided bike tours with the electro Maxi-Scooter BMW C evolution and feel the power of clean energy!

There will be a guided tour starting every hour from 10:00 am. You can choose between a longer and shorter distance tour. The short tour is a trip to Vallauris, the long tour is a trip to Grasse.

Three Maxi-Scooters BMW C evolution with a guide will take you to the beautiful provinces of Vallauris and Grasse. All participants of the guided tour might not have consumed alcohol, all riders must have their valid riding license.

Participants without valid license have a chance to enjoy the electro power on a two wheeler whilst being a pillion passenger.

Ride the Revolution - with the BMW C evolution

It is dynamic and athletic, clean and quiet: the BMW C evolution is the intelligent BMW Motorrad answer to increasingly heavy traffic, rising energy costs and positive environmental awareness. 100% electrically powered for 100% riding pleasure.

The BMW C evolution, an electrical Authority Scooter is locally fitted with public warning equipment such as an electronic siren, high conspicuity livery and high output LED blue lights. The BMW C evolution blends dynamic performance and ease of riding with the benefits of a zero-emissions vehicle.

Be part of the first few to experience the C evolution at the Green Me Villa Think Tank!

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