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Green Me Global Festival

Festival in Lagos

9. Green Me Global Festival in Lagos

02.–03. April 2016

9. Green Me Global Festival in Lagos

The objective of the Green Me Global Festival for Sustainability

With the global warming and the imminent destruction of the earth through pollution and land degradation, it is our objective to contribute a quota to ecological preservation by promoting movies that champion this course. Through our panels, forums and workshops, lectures are delivered on courses of pollutions, prevention mechanism and most importantly it’s avoidance.

The idea is to create awareness on this earth threatening danger and encourage individual contribution to nature protection and preservation. It is our ultimate goal to host the Green Me festival in every continent of the world. By so doing, we take our message to the people, rather than wait for people to come to us, which is mostly impossible for financial reasons.

We are leaving no stone unturned in the realisation of this goal. After mapping out a world tour of the festival over four continents in six countries the director for international affairs, Mrs. Nkiru Niemann says: "The opportunities, and amazing invitations by our world wide partners project a great future for joining forces for the good cause of sustainability. My home country is developing rapidly, and I am glad we get great support despite the fact of multiple pressuring societal challenges."

"Our idea of offering a platform for people, experts and companies who want to commit or support sustainability hopefully entertains, informs and diversifies the perception of socioecologic issues. Thank you for being able to happen in Lagos."

Green Me Festivalpräsident - Nicolai Niemann

Nicolai Niemann


Green Me Global Festivals 2016 Lagos | Gala Award Night & Filmworkshop

Filmworkshop | Econemy
Filmworkshop | Reflections
Filmworkshop | Ripple
Filmworkshop | WET TRAP
The Green Me Global Festival in Lagos, 2016


The Green Me Global Festival for Sustaina­bility is an annual ecological / environmental film festival, which was initiated in 2008 and has over the years transformed from a lounge to ...

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Green Me Global Festival Lagos, 2016


As part of the festival activities, we are organising a film workshop for some invited film schools.

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Green Me Global Festival Lagos, 2016


The festival honors the green filmmakers and awards the Green award, A 5.000 Euro award money channeled to the green film genre.

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9. Green Me Global Festival in Lagos

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